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Hello there. Let us introduce ourselves…

inn_imageWe are Megan Dalla-Camina and Michelle McQuaid. Two former corporate executives turned entrepreneurs with a passion for creating real, sustainable positive change for women, leaders, and organizations.

We are inspired and committed to help you get career clarity, find your true confidence, create vibrant wellbeing, and achieve leadership success. But at the heart of it, it all comes down to our guiding intention: to help you see more of who you really are, and get more of what you truly want.

We have had rich and interesting journeys, to say the least (you can dig into our bios below).

You’ll find we are equal measures of academic rigor, deep corporate and executive leadership experience, and world-class expertise in women’s leadership development based on cutting-edge science that makes a visible and lasting difference. We are also real women with many other roles, just like you, that flavor how we show up in the world and the lenses through which we view everything. We are mothers, students, writers, researchers, entrepreneurs, friends, and ever-curious seekers wanting to make lives better for those we love, and to make a big difference for the world.

We’re so very pleased that you are here.

Nicole Devine

General Manager, Australian bank

“When we first had the idea for a women in technology program at NAB, it was Michelle and Megan that we sought out for advice. That first piece of advice grew and grew. Together we experimented, we learnt, we helped & inspired hundreds of women, and we changed the world a little bit along the way.”

Martin Seligman

FOUNDER, Positive Psychology

“Michelle is one of the world's leaders in designing and implementing positive psychology interventions to workplaces.”

Naomi Wolff

AUTHOR, The Beauty Myth

“Megan, who manifests a positive, life-enhancing style of leadership in her own work and life, gives helpful insight into how a woman can tap her potential. A refreshing approach to leadership for women”

The evolution of a Vision

As with most businesses, Lead Like A Woman didn’t just appear from nowhere. We are a fusion of decades of business experience, in some of the largest corporations in the world; rich academic research credentials in an intersection of fascinating fields; and diverse personal backgrounds, including a deep and lasting friendship sparked out of mutual passion and respect, quirky humor, and a commitment to help women everywhere create better lives.

But you know there’s always a story behind the story. And it’s way more interesting than lists of facts, figures and credentials….

It’s December 2013: A year and a half after Michelle left the corporate world, and six months after Megan did, we were sitting in a café in Carmel, California before heading off on a writing retreat.

Drinking our hot chocolates, warmed out of the cool December Cali weather, we had an idea. In reality, it was more an explosion of decades of learning, experience, repressed frustration, and illuminating vision of how things could be different for women at work.

We had lived first-hand what it’s like working in male-dominated businesses as young hotshot women itching to make a difference; as still-young managers swimming through the sea of politics, expectations, deadlines, and budgets as we managed big teams with even bigger requirements; and as senior female executives sitting around boardroom tables filled with middle-aged men, most with good intentions but little idea how to really help a woman succeed in an environment built by men for men.
Oh, the stories we could tell. So back to Carmel ….

What if we could help women everywhere see more of who they truly are, and create more of what they truly want?

What if, we thought, we built a leadership program for women that took them on a holistic journey that not only showed them the science of how to lead and manage themselves effectively, but the spirit as well?

What if we could construct an experience that would shine a light on the forces shaping a new wave of leadership that would change the game for how women show up and the opportunities they have when they do?

What if we could take the still relatively new science from positive psychology and combine it with neurobiology, gender science, behavioral economics and wellbeing practices, to literally teach a new model for how we work, live and lead?

What if we took the work we had been doing in our executive roles for many years around Positive Leadership, with everything else we knew, to really make a difference?

And what if, we could create a joyful, heartfelt and soul stirring quest for women at all stages of their careers, to make whatever comes next seriously life changing?

And with those thoughts, in our cozy café in Cali, Lead Like A Woman was born.

We would love to support your journey, whether you are a woman reading this who is longing for guidance, a leader looking for new ways to bring out the best in your women, or an organization wanting to transform your business, your leadership, and your bottom line. There are many ways we can work together, so take a look around the site: grab our free resources, read our book, take part in our program, book in for coaching, or engage us to speak at your next event.

Please also get in touch directly to discuss your specific needs.

About Megan & Michelle


Megan Dalla-Camina

The Professional Story

Megan Dalla-Camina is a strategist, speaker, best selling author, and researcher on women, leadership and work.  She spent two decades as a senior executive in global organizations such as GE, PwC and IBM; most recently as Head of Strategy for IBM, including remits for Gender Diversity and Organizational Culture and Change.

Megan holds Masters degrees in both Business Management and Wellness (Positive Psychology) and is currently researching her PhD in women, leadership and power. Her work has been referred to by Forbes as “brave” and by Naomi Wolf as “refreshing”. She has an unequalled depth of experience in all aspects of women’s leadership; from being a founding implementation leader in the Male Champions of Change initiative lead by the Human Rights Commissioner, to being a sought after strategist, thought leader and researcher creating a new frontier for women and work.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Psychology Today, NBC, Fox Business, Marie Claire, Womens Agenda and more. She is the author of the best selling book Getting Real About Having It All (Hay House).


Michelle McQuaid

The Professional Story

Michelle McQuaid is a best-selling author, workplace wellbeing teacher and playful change activator. She fuses the latest science from positive psychology and neurobiology with over a decade of business leadership experience to bring you simple, tested actions to reduce stress and anxiety, cultivate a lasting sense of wellbeing and happiness, and become an exceptional leader.

An honorary fellow at Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education, her work has been featured in Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Boss Magazine, The Age, Women’s Agenda, Wellbeing Magazineand more.

She holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied alongside the field’s founder Professor Martin Seligman, and is currently completing her PhD in Appreciative Inquiry under the supervision of Professor David Cooperrider.

Michelle lives to help people discover their strengths, move beyond their fears, and finally discover what it truly takes to flourish with confidence.

Random Facts

Before she a was a ‘serious business executive’, Megan had all types of interesting endeavors as an actress, a music producer and advertising exec, all before the ripe old age of 24 when she landed at GE (they didn’t know quite know what to make of her, but it all turned out well). Creativity still rocks her world, as does writing and speaking about things that matter, and helping people see what’s possible. She has a 15 year old son who is, of course, the coolest kid in the world. And she has a dream that her PhD research might just change everything. She loves captivating conversations, fortune cookie wisdom, beach swims and yoga, and she has a fierce obsession with books, thought provoking ideas and figuring out what’s next.

Random Facts

Michelle started her career in public relations and at one stage it was her job to explain to the Australian media what the world wide web was and how anyone would ever make money off it! Yes she’s that old. Having lived in London and New York, Michelle still calls Australia home and loves to run along the beach most mornings with her dog Sebastian. She has been married for 15 years to a very patient husband, and has two beautiful boys who keep her humble about how brain science works in the real world. They tell she’s grumpy when she’s not learning new things so feed her books to keep her happy.

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