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Are you a woman wanting more from your career, your leadership, and your life?


Are you a leader wanting to support the women in your business with evidence-based tools and strategies that will help them to thrive?


This book is for you.

  • As a modern professional woman, does a lack of confidence stop you from embracing new opportunities, or make you hold yourself back from speaking your truth?
  • Have you ever wanted to create change in your life, make a career move, or become a more authentic leader, but didn’t quite know where to start?
  • Do you ever feel like you just don’t have the physical, emotional, or mental energy and grit to pursue your dreams?
  • As a business leader, are you tired of seeing women not put their hand up for opportunities because they “just aren’t ready”?
  • Are you frustrated with diversity targets that won’t budge no matter how good your intentions are?
  • Are you increasingly tired of seeing women not fulfill the potential you know they have because they don’t have the right tools to create lasting success on their own terms?

Lead Like A Woman guides women to see more of who they really are, and get more of what they truly want. Based on the award-winning leadership development program, this journey helps women uncover the stories and blocks that hold them back, and gives them the tested roadmap and tools to create the career and life they long for.

If you are a woman seeking more confidence, to build your personal brand, find a mentor or sponsor, or create a wellbeing plan that works, this book will help. It’s for you if your goal is to step into your presence and personal power and become the authentic leader you have always wanted to be. And it’s for you if you finally want to unhook yourself from the stories that hold you back, and get the roadmap to live and lead like you long to.

For leaders, this book will provide the searing insights you need to understand the professional woman’s journey, as well as provide tools and coaching for you to become a leader who can actually make a positive impact for women at work. With each chapter including a “For Leaders” coaching section, this book will prove invaluable in your own journey to help unlock women’s potential—and your own.

The Lead Like A Woman journey fuses the latest research from positive psychology, neuroscience, gender science, leadership development, and wellbeing, with real stories of what it’s like to work in a world that is still dominated by masculine modes of leadership and success. Sharing cutting-edge models on authentic leadership, how to understand gender mindsets, and leverage feminine traits to lead and live better, it will forever change the way you view your career, your leadership, and your life.

Brilliantly researched, passionately written, enjoyable to read, and packed with coaching playsheets so you can take immediate action, Lead Like A Woman is the guidebook that will truly help you create your own personal revolution in how you live and lead.

This is your permission slip. This is your roadmap. Welcome to the journey.


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“Great insights into how your mindset can turn even the most challenging situations into opportunities.”
Professor Carol Dweck, Stanford University, Author of Mindset
“Lead Like A Woman brings together idealism and pragmatism in this wonderfully readable and actionable guide to corporate leadership. It gives women the tools to lead without twisting themselves into pretzels to fit male norms. Most importantly, the book makes a compelling case for organizations to win based on their inclusion of women at all levels, especially the very top.”
Sylvia Ann Hewlett, President of the Center for Talent Innovation, author of Executive Presence
“Women can become our most powerful and effective leaders – if they have the right knowledge and tools. Lead Like a Woman shares strategies you can apply today to become a stronger, more authentic leader.”
Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You and Stand Out, and adjunct professor, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business
“Too often, the phrase that include ‘like a girl’ is pejorative, as in ‘He runs like a girl.’ In this powerful new book, Michelle McQuaid and Megan Dalla-Camina show how leadership at its best involves women bringing their confidence, grit, compassion and strengths so that every workplace and situation is better for it, and we can hear the positive phrase, ‘He leads like a woman!”
Caroline Adams Miller, best-selling author of Creating Your Best Life, My Name is Caroline, and Positively Caroline
“Practical, insightful and inspiring, Lead Like A Woman is a ‘must read’ for any woman who wants to find the confidence and courage to make a bigger mark on the world.”
Margie Warrell, Bestselling Author, Speaker & Australian Ambassador for Women In Global Business
“Prepare to be inspired, equipped and propelled to live your life as a leader (and beyond) with integrity, purpose and health. Megan and Michelle lead us through an engaging and impactful program of guided learning to build our leadership capabilities as women. They use research, experience, stories and tools to enliven and enrich our quest to find a meaningful and sustainable leadership path. This book is a joy.”
Jane Dutton, Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Business Administration and Psychology, University of Michigan
“Inspiring and energising. This book will help female leaders create a positive pathway forward for themselves and those they lead.”
Professor Lea Waters, Director of the Center for Positive Psychology at Melbourne University
“Megan and Michelle are an incredible team who have changed the lives of thousands of women. In Lead Like A Woman they have developed a truly unique roadmap that will revolutionize the way women show up, how they lead, and how workplaces deal with the challenges of getting to gender parity. Based on irrefutable research and evidence and packed with inspiring stories, this is the book we have all been waiting for. Read it. Share it. Talk about it. It might just change everything.”
Angela Priestley, Publisher, Women’s Agenda.
“Genius! Inspiring and practical, Lead Like A Woman is a book that can change the world because it changes the way we see female leadership. If you’re a woman or a leader of women you’ll love this book.”
Kieran Flannagan CCO The Impossible Institute
“Lead like a Woman maps a path to the leadership the world requires today. It’s a book for women who lead, but the stories and lessons are universal. We all desperately need a new organizational model and Megan and Michelle may just have found it.”
Dan Gregory, Speaker, Author & Ceo, The Impossible Institute

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