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We all know that both the economic and business cases for reaching gender equality are irrefutable. From an economic perspective, the McKinsey Global Institute, reports that getting to equal workplace participation could add between twelve and twenty-eight trillion dollars, or up to twenty-six per cent to annual global GDP in 2025. As McKinsey reports, that’s the equivalent of combining the United States and China economies today. Pretty mind blowing.

And as far as business is concerned, there are a plethora of credible research reports that confirm the bottom line value of women’s participation in workplaces. In a 2013 report by Catalyst outlining significant research to support the business case for gender diversity, they found that companies with more women board directors outperformed those with the least on three financial measures: return on equity (fifty-three per cent higher), return on sales (forty-two per cent higher), and return on invested capital (sixty-six per cent higher).

And yet, even in light of staggering business and economic data, we are nowhere near the parity that many organizations and governments are seeking. Even McKinsey who have spent years leading research on ways to improve gender balance for themselves and many other companies, recently acknowledged that despite their best efforts they are still not where they want to be, with women representing only thirty-nine per cent of entry-level hires, eleven per cent of senior leadership roles and only four women on their thirty member Shareholder Council. While their numbers are up, it’s sobering to consider if a firm with all the insight, experiences, and resources that McKinsey brings to bear can’t achieve gender equality, what hope do most organizations have?

We are sure you realize the gravity of the challenge. You may be well into years of work on your gender diversity strategy and working toward building a more inclusive culture. But perhaps you’re stuck, not seeing the movement in your numbers you had hoped for, or just don’t know where the real issues are. Or perhaps you need a fresh take on your current approaches, a strategic tweak, or even a well-timed overhaul.

Perhaps you are just starting out on this journey, looking to build a gender diversity roadmap, address pipeline issues, develop strategies for creating an inclusive culture, create a diversity steering committee, or develop your female leaders. The options are endless. Where would you start?

Or perhaps you are actually well on track, and potentially just looking for a sounding board, an advisor and an impartial view on your strategy and results to support your drive for change.

Wherever you are at, we would love to support you.

We provide an objective and experienced viewpoint to help change the conversation within your organization around gender diversity and inclusion, and support your goals to achieve a more equitable and inclusive workplace where your people can thrive and your women can rise.

If you need sound strategic support, we can work with you to review your current strategies and goals and identify the best plan forward, or help you start from scratch to build a strategy that works. We are committed to helping you get real traction.

If you would like to discuss ways that we can support your business, please email penny@leadlikeawoman.net for more information and to set up an initial discussion.

Want to feel more confident? Get your free toolkit.