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We’re here to create a revolution. And this revolution is for you.

It’s for you if you want more from your career and your life.

It’s for you if you’re not sure what comes next but you know that it’s got to be better than where you are currently at.

It’s for you if you have ever felt like an imposter, or maybe looked at a masculine version of leadership and decided ‘no, no, that’s not for me.’

It’s for you if you’ve ever felt stuck, stifled, shut down or burnt out trying to fit into a workplace and a success model that just wasn’t designed for you.

And it’s for you if you know that you have an important contribution to make, if you could just find the right tools and feel empowered enough to use them.

Our heartfelt intention is to truly help you have the career you long for, find the confidence you may be missing, create vibrant wellbeing and resiliency, and step into your authentic leadership power.

We are here to guide you on that path, one that we have walked down with thousands of women. We are also here to enable leaders to have brave new conversations with their people about how they show up, how they bring the best of themselves to work, and how they enable their women to rise and thrive.

And we are here to help organizations change their game as well. To shake it up. Disrupt old patterns and bring in new thinking, new strategies, and bold ideas to create to actual breakthroughs that support you to shine your brightest.

We are here to help you have everything you ever wanted in your career and life, and to live and work in way that is fulfilling, purposeful, authentic and vibrant. And we want you to finally have the permission you have been waiting for: to show up and Lead Like A Woman.

This is your permission slip. This is your roadmap. Welcome to the journey.


How Can We Help You?

Lead Like A Woman is an evidence-based program, uniquely designed to help women emerge with the kind of true confidence, career clarity and vibrant wellbeing that creates lasting leadership success.

Based on our work with thousands of women and leading organizations, we fuse the latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership development, gender science and wellbeing principles into cutting-edge content, inspiring programs, and supportive coaching communities that deliver real results. In fact the career and life affirming changes we have witnessed in the women who join us have, quite honestly, both humbled us and blown our minds.

We have worked inside businesses to help them change the conversation around women and work, adapt their models, rethink their approach on leadership development as well as diversity to drive real results for their women (and yes, for their men too).

We have shown leaders, both men and women, that there is in fact a different way to show up each day. A better way to be in the world. A new form of leadership that when adopted and embraced, really can change everything.

We are at the point now where we cannot reach all the women, leaders and businesses, in all the places in the world, that are asking for this unique and cutting edge work. And so now we are taking it out into the world in both the Lead Like A Woman book, and the game changing online program, as well as more of the keynote talks, workshops, advisory and Appreciative Inquiry Summits that we love to do so much.

We look forward to serving you through this work, which is our greatest passion, and helping you empower yourself, your leadership and your business by learning how to lead like a woman.

Nicole Devine

General Manager, Australian bank

“When we first had the idea for a women in technology program at NAB, it was Michelle and Megan that we sought out for advice. That first piece of advice grew and grew. Together we experimented, we learnt, we helped & inspired hundreds of women, and we changed the world a little bit along the way.”

Donna de Zwart

CEO Fitted for Work

The Lead Like a Woman program gave me the practical tools, confidence and validation to believe that my personal brand of leadership is of worth. Being fearless in my authenticity has empowered me to take on the biggest and most exciting opportunity of my career and I am forever grateful to Michelle and Megan.

Lyrene Swan

Client Relations Manager global financial services organisation

Working with Megan and Michelle allowed me to embrace my authentic style of leadership. Operating more honestly, proudly owning my unique strengths and allowing my more feminine strengths to shine has proved more powerful and effective than when I’ve tried to emulate my male counterparts in the past. The results have been stronger relationships and new opportunities – a win/win for everyone!

Want to feel more confident? Get your free toolkit.