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Megan and Michelle spend a great deal of their time speaking at conferences and inside organizations on a broad range of topics related to women in business, new leadership, positive psychology, workplace wellbeing and organizational thriving.

In addition, both Megan and Michelle are experienced in leading and facilitating workshops for women, for leaders and for coaches who want to get the best out of themselves and their people.

Some topics are included below as thought starters. All client talks and workshops are fully customized to the client’s specific requirements. If you would like to book a talk or workshop, or discuss your specific needs, please complete the contact form to get started.

Getting to Authentic Leadership

In this talk we will:

  • Understand what new leadership is, why the world needs it, and how you can embody it for your own success
  • Learn why feminine traits are being called out as the critical ingredient for leaders of the future, what they are and how to use them
  • Cultivate what Professor Amy Cuddy calls ‘presence’, a potent force for authentic leadership
  • Gain clarity on the steps you need to take to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be

Closing the Confidence Gap

In this talk we will:

  • Understand the beliefs and mindsets that undermine your success
  • Identify your unique strengths and practical ways to use them to boost your energy and effectiveness
  • Learn why confidence is more important than competence, and the easy way to turn your thoughts into action
  • Gain the confidence to show up and lead authentically

Building Your Personal Brand

In this talk we will:

  • Create your life vision and finally find your purposeful work in the world
  • Understand why you cant afford to be one of the 70% of women who don’t have a career plan
  • Learn why your personal brand defines your success, and how to build one that sets you apart
  • Learn how to work with mentors and sponsors to support your career dreams and fuel your success
  • Learn how to joyfully build the networks that are key to your success.

Mindfully Maintaining Wellbeing

In this talk we will:

  • Understand the critical components of wellbeing and how to find busyproof ways to be well, not just think about it
  • Discover how to harness hope to create lasting changes
  • Use the neurological loop that makes it easy to create good habits
  • Learn how to set boundaries that will protect your energy and enable your success

Learning how to Cultivate Grit and Grace

In this talk we will:

  • Cultivate more grit by applying a simple, scientific framework to develop your passion and perseverance for long-term goals
  • Understand when you should persist and when you should let go to avoid stupid grit
  • Understand how mastery unfolds and how to navigate the white-knuckle moment, setback, and plateaus that are part of learning
  • Improve your resilience by discovering the upside of stress and cultivate the grace you need to maintain your journey towards succes

Just let us know what you need below, and our team will be in touch straight away to see if we can help you to create the kind of memorable, insightful, and practical learning experience that we love to deliver. Please note, because Megan and Michelle receive so many fabulous opportunities for speaking their availability is limited, so the sooner you let us know your dates the better our ability to confirm Megan or Michelle for you.

We look forward to working with you!

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Want to feel more confident? Get your free toolkit.