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The Lead Like a Woman program gave me the practical tools, confidence and validation to believe that my personal brand of leadership is of worth. Being fearless in my authenticity has empowered me to take on the biggest and most exciting opportunity of my career and I am forever grateful to Michelle and Megan.

Donna de Zwart, CEO, Fitted for Work

I’d highly recommend this program to any woman ready to reassess her career & willing to learn graceful leadership. It helped reaffirm the qualities I need to support me in my career & provided me inspiration & content that I use everyday. A big thank you – I’m so grateful we have women like Megan & Michelle to show the way to breaking the glass ceiling!

Jikara Liddy, Project Manager & Coach, Telstra

Working with Megan and Michelle allowed me to embrace my authentic style of leadership. Operating more honestly, proudly owning my unique strengths and allowing my more feminine strengths to shine has proved more powerful and effective than when I’ve tried to emulate my male counterparts in the past. The results have been stronger relationships and new opportunities – a win/win for everyone!

Lyrene Swan, Client Relations Manager, global financial services organisation

When we first had the idea for a women in technology program at NAB, it was Michelle and Megan that we sought out for advice. That first piece of advice grew and grew. Together we experimented, we learnt, we helped & inspired hundreds of women, and we changed the world a little bit along the way.

Nicole Devine, General Manager, Australian bank

Michelle is one of the world’s leaders in designing and implementing positive psychology interventions to workplaces.

Martin Seligman, Founder, Positive Psychology

Megan, who manifests a positive, life-enhancing style of leadership in her own work and life, gives helpful insight into how a woman can tap her potential. A refreshing approach to leadership for women.

Naomi Wolff, Author, The Beauty Myth

Megan and Michelle are true catalysts of change. Finding out, appreciating, and playing to my strengths has helped me find more purpose in my work and led me to making choices that better suit me and to working with these inspiring ladies to bring this program to women across the world. Simply life changing. Thank you.

Penny Dixon, Former Brand Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

I absolutely adore Megan and Michelle and the program they have created. They exposed me to what’s really possible when we choose to live the life we want, when we follow our purpose, utilize our strengths, find our true confidence, and celebrate our feminine power. If you’re ready to discover what you’re truly capable of, then this is the program for you.

Caitlin Judd, Marketing and Communications Consultant