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Does a lack of confidence stop you from embracing new opportunities or speaking your truth? Have you ever wanted to create a change, make a career move, or become a more authentic leader, but didn’t quite know where to start? Do you ever feel like you just don’t have the energy and grit to pursue your dreams? Or perhaps you’re a leader or coach looking for tested ways to help women succeed?

Lead Like A Woman guides women to see more of who they really are, and get more of what they truly want. Based on the award winning leadership development program, this journey uncovers the stories that hold women back, and gives them the evidence-based roadmap to create the career and life they long for. From seeking more confidence, to building a personal brand, leveraging mentors and sponsors, and creating vibrant wellbeing, this book is the permission slip women have been waiting for.

Grab the first chapter of our new book for free and discover:

  • Why feminine traits are being called out as the critical ingredient for leaders of the future, what they are and how to use them
  • How to cultivate what Professor Amy Cuddy calls ‘presence’, a potent force for authentic leadership
  • Why Dr. Brene Brown believes vulnerability is what sets authentic leaders apart and how you can find the courage to be comfortably uncomfortable when needed.

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